This website was started to help organize, nurture and share creative ideas. In general, I explore the nature and history of creativity and the possibilities for it to meaningfully impact our everyday lives and the world. I inquire into creativity science, technology, design, innovation and cultural issues of our time.



I am a creative.

Renaud Bougueng

Whether as a computer scientist, an engineer, designer or artist. Essentially, I am a concept architect, generalist and a polymath with tons of creative energy to spare.




Since May 2018, I am a PhD candidate at Simon Fraser University (SFU) doing research in the field of computational creativity. I am interested into ways computer systems can be used to benefit the creative process in music, art and design. My broader research interests gravitate around studying the nature and inner workings of creativity and life from both theoretical and practical perspectives.



As a creative, I explore the challenges of function and aesthetics in creative products by employing creativity and design. I craft, produce and perform collaborative projects that spans various disciplines from music to residential architecture, industrial design, film, fashion, computational arts and more.